View Full Version : E36 ZKW Ellipsoids + Predator Chromium Angel Eyes 4300K + HID

04-28-2007, 09:03 PM
Hi guys

Im selling my ZKW's with predator chromium angel eyes since I am using my car as a track car now and dont need these lights any longer.

The ZKWs are in excellent condition. Ive had them for 2 years. I installed the STONGARD protective film on it to protect it from rock chips. I also had installed the Predator Chromium Angel eyes and I paid more to have the 4300Kelvin OEM look.

I also have the XTEC HID kit on it when I ordered them from Umnitza in 8000K. Ive had a warranty ballast changed on the kit so it works great.

Here is the thing, I have to sell the ZKW's and the angel eyes together because they are already prewired.

I can sell the HID's separately.

I was looking at around 500 for the ZKW's with the Predator angel eyes. I bought the ZKW's new for 400 US and the angel eyes for 230 US all from Umnitza so with shipping and exchange even at this current xchange rate it would be over 700 CAN.

Ill probably sell the HID's for 150

All my parts have been on my car for around 2 years and the angel eyes not even a year. People who know me know that I keep my stuff in excellent shape.

PM me if interested.