View Full Version : FS: Nokia 6265i - Black slide phone

04-27-2007, 08:26 AM
ive got my Nokia 6265i for sale. I was using on the Telus network for about 7 months, but i now have a chocolate.


-Slide phone
-black casing
-2mp camera, with 4X digital zoom and a flash, night mode, etc. (really good quality for a cell cam!)
-Video capture and up to 3mins playback
- expandable Mini SD memory slot
- Bluetooth for wireless data transfer and hands free accessories
- Radio
-MP3 player
- Voice commands
- 64 Tone polyphonic ringer with stereo headset playback
- Speaker phone
- calendar, scheduler, alarm clock
- 500 entry phonebook
- 210 min of talk time or up to 10 days standby
- awesome reception, never had a call drop on me, even in an elevator!
- text, picture and video messaging.
- wireless web - it actually is not bad for a cell phone too! i can search the Son forums on it!

- There is not one scartch on the screen. I ve had a case form the very first day.
- Never dropped! honeslty
- No problesm with the phone, everything works like new!
- Slider slides like butter
- overall id say the phone is like a 9 out of 10 just because theres some areas where the case was on, you can kinda see an outline. But nothing major.

Included in the sale:
- manuals
- charger
-some ringtones and backgrounds
-Clear case

This phone is pretty nice overall, this is probbaly the best phone ive had so far. I dont really like the chocolate but im stuch with it for 3 years now because i signed a contract and i use this phone as my alarm for now.

Phone was $349.99 when i got it. It sells for $250 now at telus.

I want 120$ and it's yours!

Pm with questions.
Located in Mississauga