View Full Version : Another utterly happy and successful BIMMERSPORT experience!!

04-14-2007, 12:33 PM
Well, just like always, I come to this shop and boy do I get happy, no wait - ****ing extatic (if I spelled extatic right).
For a very reasonable price, I had some major work done to my car, like the M3 differencial, axels, front shocks, and does my car drive like a baby or what.

The point of having your car repaired, or parts changed is to feel great about it, and by that I mean knowing what is being done to your car, how it is done, and the RIGHT way. Charlie explains the shit in my language, and treats me while I'm waiting like a true friend, and I never feel like I'm bothering or getting on his way with my questions, for which I always get a true, honest, and satisfying answer.
Like you all know, the shop is clean as ****, looks like a pharmaceutical factory, oh while you wait, you can play on the PS2, watch movies, all kinds of magazines, treats like coffe, drinks, snacks, and at the same time get your car done at an amazing price.
As you all know I am from London, and I am a pretty busy guy, but yet I am always willing to drive all the way to Mississauga to Bimmersport to get my car properly repaired.
E36's and I believe any other bimmer out there, once past their prime, and driven a lot, they need maintenance, my vehicle poooorsss like a kitten, engine, tranny, now a better diff, it's a 95 with 230km, and just as much as I am happy with my car, I am also happier that there is support, and mechanics like Charlie, that make owning a BMW a great and comfortable experience, considering the fact that it is a German vehicle on North American soil.

Johny is a technician at Bimmesport who I also like as a mechanic. He is still maybe on the learning curve, but he does a nice, clean, and careful job.

Sorry to make this long, but if I could put it in better words as to how satisfied customer of Bimmersport I am, you would understand.

Respect to Charlie, and Johny!

Thubs up the roof for Bimmersport!!!!!