View Full Version : Smoked Euro Elipsoids

12-25-2002, 05:38 AM
What do you think?

12-25-2002, 05:42 AM
I LOVE EM..keep em on julian!

12-25-2002, 05:48 AM
cool man

12-25-2002, 06:11 AM
Julian, PLEASE NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-25-2002, 07:06 AM
Ok, if you havent guessed it, the first pic is Photoshop.

Here's what they look like normally:

12-25-2002, 07:16 AM
car w/o smoked:

12-25-2002, 01:11 PM
I dunno your car looks sweet with and without them, smoked ellipsoids look bes on black or dark grey cars, if i was you I'd get soemthing else with the money

your car looks sick form the front as it is, if you got those euro ellipsoids it would just look sick but in a different way so why pay the money IMO

12-25-2002, 01:11 PM
your car looks way better with smokes, but normally i would say dump the smokes

but iin your case julian, they look really nice *wave*

12-25-2002, 01:28 PM
I think they look cool :)

12-25-2002, 03:04 PM
WAIT, i change my vote, they DO look nice, but GAMITE, i like the CLEAR a LOT MORE< and i think they suit your car a LOT BETTER!!!
*th-up* *th-up*

12-25-2002, 05:17 PM
I like them! But I bet the look even better in real life! *love*

12-25-2002, 05:23 PM
your car looks a bit wierd because of the dark colour and white lights...can you sorta like smoke them yourself just to a certain darkness? you keep going in layers really lightly and put em beside your car...see which you like best...do it with your old lights so you dont ruin these if you dont like it!

12-25-2002, 07:23 PM
Hey Julian, If you decide you want to get em, lemme know cause I've been trying to find a set of smoked euros + smoked turns at a reasonable price...

12-26-2002, 12:20 AM
Originally posted by Gamite
What do you think?

i like em alot *th-up* *th-up* just be sure to smoke your signals as well *th-up*

12-26-2002, 01:09 AM
How do you "smoke" them?:confused:

12-26-2002, 02:45 PM
Originally posted by bmwm5lover
How do you "smoke" them?:confused:

well the headlights themselves are a new unit entirely, but the indicators, you can smoke yourself with transluscent paint, you can find black almost anywhere.

12-27-2002, 02:49 AM
damn gamite loox sic man u gotta do it !! loox amazing !

12-27-2002, 06:30 PM
i liked them smoked*th-up*

12-27-2002, 07:21 PM
I would go for the smoked ellipsoids! I have the non smoked Euro Ellipsoids on my car and the lighting improvement is amazing, no matter what you pick you'll be happy.

The e30 units are cheaper than the e34 ones by around $100. I do not know if they'll fit you ellipsoid housings or not though... you can test fit mine if you want.