View Full Version : FS: 6k HID bulbs, 4K H3 bulbs

04-08-2007, 12:51 AM
1 set of D2R HID bulbs 6000k i got off ebay about a year ago, never really had them on the car long because i didn't like the way they looked purple... i brought them back then for about 110, asking 80 OBO

1 set of H3 4000k genuine PIAA super white bulbs that came off of my PIAA fogs... i dont have original box for it because it was in the unit when i got it. i got no idea about what temperature they are at, but from the looks of them i'd say they are the 4k version... and fyi, i rarely use my fogs unless i have to.. 6 months is only during the summer, as i change bulbs in the winter but decided to run the yellow ones full time

no idea what to ask for, how's 50 OBO sound?

i am in Toronto