View Full Version : Here's my other baby, after she had her problem

12-19-2002, 08:29 PM
Theres a bunch of pics so im just gonna put links. Its an 86 535i. In the links below you'll see what snow does to a slightly balded tire and how a fence can gently caress itself against my car. Future plans and i mean fuuuuuuutuuure plans are putting the 3.5 in my e30 then swapping over all essential parts ill need then putting ///M5 parts with whatever i take out. Then im gonna try and squeeze some BBS on. 19's of course, not sure what color i want maybe black :confused:
*sad* *shiner*
Pic1 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_01.jpg)
Pic2 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_02.jpg)
Pic3 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_03.jpg)
Pic4 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_04.jpg)
Pic5 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_05.jpg)
Pic6 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_01.jpg)
Pic7 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_07.jpg)
Pic8 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_08.jpg)
Pic9 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_09.jpg)
Pic10 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_10.jpg)
Pic11 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_11.jpg)
Pic12 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_12.jpg)
Pic13 (http://members.roadfly.com/runinmex/May05_13.jpg)

12-20-2002, 12:32 AM
Uve damaged it quite a bit on the left side....But decent overall,a nd low mileage too!