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02-12-2007, 11:55 PM
I'm in need of replacing my suspension, I've found a few from Bilstein... just the struts though. I need some stiffer coils to replace the stock ones which are going on 21yrs. Idealy I'd LOVE some coilovers, with height & stiffness adjustability... though I know that's a far cry. The reason I need them (other than ass sag) is I just got new rims & tires and moved up to 17's from the stock ~15's, and if I hit a bum or dip in the road (or even entering driveways) the wheel well edge hits the tires.

My question is this... for my '86 E23 L7: are there any struts/coils other than OEM or Bilstein available (that are high quality), would the struts/coilovers that fit another model work as well(I know I can use 86-87 L7, 735/45)? I need to do this SOON - as in by end of next week.

Thanks in advance!