View Full Version : Anyone meeting up tomorow?

12-28-2006, 08:06 PM
Hey guys, im in the area this winter break so i was thinkin of stoping by. But i dont know if u guys still meet or got all youre cars stored lol.

Also whatdo u guys do at meets lol

12-28-2006, 08:40 PM
well ill out but in the beater. im also out in keswick, near newmarket. If you dont know how to get to the meet, i could come and meet you if u want.

12-28-2006, 09:31 PM
i don't think ima be able to make it but have fun guys I will be out next week as Insurance is back, watch out ahahahaha

12-28-2006, 10:31 PM
well ill out but in the beater. im also out in keswick, near newmarket. If you dont know how to get to the meet, i could come and meet you if u want.

Thankz for the offer, but im in etobicoke right now so its not hard to get to the meet :D

12-29-2006, 12:40 AM
doubt the meets are too populated as of recent..it's so god damn cold outside at night lol :P

12-29-2006, 02:00 AM
we meet in the winter regardless man, if you come out chances are some of us are there :D

i just won't be this week cause of insurance but i will be from now on...

12-29-2006, 02:14 AM
I will prolly be there, this week should be chills, inside kelseys, like usual in thw winter.

Next week we are doing a Niagara Cruise.

12-29-2006, 09:00 AM
i think what josh ment to say in his drunkedness was that they will be chilling in Kelsey's like usual. Generaly the rule is, that if we are not outside, and you see the cars parked, we are inside. Also you will be able to tell if our cars are there cause we park in the spaces directly behind Kelsey's (the row there) close to the Island that is there.

When you get into Kelsey's just come in and find the noiseiest table and 9/10 that's us HAHA :D

12-30-2006, 01:06 AM
Damn i showed up tonight, didnt see any bimmers outside of kelsys, didnt see any loud people inside lol, so i ended up doing doghnuts and crap in parkin lot and behind all the stores for 2 hours, and then some impaula (i think security) started following me around, i tried to lose it around the stores and parking lots, but it kept finding me, so i had speed away from that area incase it was a cop or somthin. If any one saw a dark gray bmw in the parkin lot that was me :D il come out next friday hopefully il find u guys

12-30-2006, 01:14 AM
yeah sorry, i didnt come out but i just got PS3 today and well lets say time fly's lol. Um yeah thats just security. Ill be out at the meet regardless next weekend. but i want to see some of you on New Years. Come on my party awaits you lol.

12-30-2006, 02:05 AM
Trekz, we saw you, I saw you when I pulled in, I was the first one there.... I dont drive a BMW, I thought my plates would give it away.

Anyways, its too bad you got chased out.

12-30-2006, 02:22 AM
damn i wasnt looking for plates, i was looking for max and rmp stikers lol. You guys coulda waved me down :P like who drives around the parkin lot for few hours in a bimmah on friday if they arent looking for the meet :D.

Ant118 wheres youre party :D

paul christians
12-30-2006, 02:38 AM
did you see a white Protege there the was my D/D or one of them.........

12-30-2006, 03:13 AM
Josh is just anti-social HAHA.

but yea a lot of the time we see bimmer's driving through the lot and don't think much of it cause of the fact that well it's woodbridge, where, even the hired help drive BMW's :D....

12-30-2006, 03:44 AM
where were you guys? inside kelsys?

paul christians
12-30-2006, 11:54 AM

12-30-2006, 01:03 PM
Alright, enough in this thread...

Let's start bumping my Niagara Cruise thread. Trekz you down for that? If yes, answer in the Niagara thread.