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12-11-2002, 06:48 PM
Can anyone tell me where I find the production date for my 92 325i ? It's either Thru 5/1992 or From 6/1992 and on. I need to know this since it makes a difference in which springs I get. I saw on the sticker by the door it says 11/91, but I dont know if thats what it refers to. I just want to be sure.


12-11-2002, 07:46 PM
hey there, if you wanna check theres also another way, its because of the control arm, can't remember from the top of my head but i'll get back to you, if you control arm is to a certain part, its before/after 92, i'll get back to you for this!!!
otherwise you gotta i think look some place that requires labour!!

12-11-2002, 09:14 PM
On the vin plate inside the driver's door -> on the "B" post. It should have the production date- it is usually on the top rigth hand corner of the sticker

12-11-2002, 09:39 PM
NO, i think thats the assembly date, or something, the production date is somewhere else, trust me, i had to check it when i installed my chip!!!

12-11-2002, 10:43 PM
Thanks for the replies guys. I'll be waiting on you, SOLDOMATIC. I'm looking to order the springs ASAP :)

12-12-2002, 03:27 AM
here you are buddy, check out this site, it'll tell you everything!!!
just go to the spring/shock sets!!!
and it'll tell you EXACTLY how to determine production date!!
also, if you have the FIRST 325, its actually $50 cheaper!!!
*th-up* *th-up*

12-12-2002, 04:15 AM
Hmm.. I'm checking out the site and the only mention I see of it is where it gives the option of "My front swaybar mounts to the: Control Arm or Strut Housing?". This looks like it gives me the answer, but I'm going to have to ask how do I know which one applies to me? Is there something I just need to look for under the hood?

Thanks again, Mike.

12-12-2002, 07:15 PM
Nevermind, I found this site that gives the info I need from the last 7 digit's of your VIN #. If anyone wants the site, its http://www.bmw-z1.com/VIN/VINdecode-e.cgi .... Thanks for your help.