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12-12-2006, 05:59 PM
FOR SALE is my wife's 1998 M3/4a...

Car is IMMACULATE as judged in three different Show & Shines in the last 2 years. Trillium 2005 - 1st Place for e36's*par-t* .

* Titanium Silver on Black Leather - one of the last 50 e36 M3 sedans ever manufactured.
* I'm the 3rd owner (car was originally from the USA - I've owned the car for exactly 3 years and imported it) No accidents, no dings, no nothin'...paint is ALL original
* 92,000 mi
* Very healthy 3.2 litre with the coveted 3.38 rear diff - As it has an automatic, the motor has never seen an over rev or missed shift!!!
* 18"x8"(ft) & 18" x 9"(rr) SSR Integrals shod with Goodyear F1 GS D3's (235 & 255 sizing)
* DINAN front strut bar
* OEM Euro glass headlamp fixtures, fitted with 4300 HID's
* White Euro OEM corner and side lenses all around
* Some very minor paint wear on the front bumper as ~90k mi would dictate, but nothing major.
* BMW Harmon Kardon - w/ upgraded OEM CD43 head unit w/ single CD slot & 6 pack OEM BMW CD player in trunk. (this system rocks!!)
* Cold weather pkg incl. heated seats
* Ski pass thru through rear seat armrest
* Car has always been hand washed, leather always treated
* mid tone metallic tint (top quality) on windows
* OEM Alarm & keyless entry
* Interior is spotless!!! (no smoke, no eat, but ya - the occasional coffee!;) )
* No track (except for one day(only two track sessions) at Mosport in '04 when I wanted to see how the auto tranny performed!!...)

NOTE: don't let the auto tranny scare you off....it is a FAST car to drive and is great for the crappy traffic we see here in TO. Also, a 5 spd transplant is relatively easy and inexpensive...

Asking $21,000 CAD ($18,000 usd)

Pic's available upon request and will be posted shortly...

Dave Rowlison
Performance Driving Instructor
BMWCCA Club Racer - #65, IP

DIRECT EMAIL: drowlison@ctdi.com

12-12-2006, 06:02 PM
please send pics to


I need to show this to a buddy who's looking...



12-12-2006, 06:15 PM
Will do - just gotta find a half decent day when I can snap a few in some decent light!!... Just occurred to me today, that I've never had any pics of a car I've had for 3 years!!!!

Thanks Mike,