View Full Version : Hmm...new suspension ideas...

GR8 Ride
01-30-2002, 08:35 PM
So, here I am, thinking about a new suspension for my car.

I have someone who wants my existing suspension, so I'm thinking of what to replace it with.

I was going to wait a couple of years, as Ohlin is apparently building a custom suspension for the E36 M3, but since this opportunity came up, I'm going to jump the gun.

My debate is between the Gruppe N suspension from TMS, or the Ground Control Full Race kit. Price is relatively similar (2350 vs 2249, USD).

I've always been a fan of Jay Morris and his suspensions, however, the Advance Design shocks tend to need a rebuild / revalve on an annual basis, especially if they've been driven hard. The Gruppe N kit is a little more durable, though the shocks are not adjustable. And Will Turner / Don Salama et al have been quite successful with the Gruppe N kit they assembled, so it's not a hack together kit.

Probably shooting for 650-700 lb springs in the front, and 950-1000 lb springs in the rear, with either system.

So, any votes on which system to go with? I'm basically at the coin flipping stage...