View Full Version : e21 small hubs

11-23-2006, 07:25 PM
Anyone has a set of late e21 (1980-1983) front hubs? The ones with the small bearings.

11-23-2006, 09:27 PM
u should be able to get them at almost any local parts store they arent that hard to come by.. u doin the big brake conversion????cause im doin it on my car this winter i have an 02.. and im also doin a rear rotor conversion on it... cant wait to see the improvements on it

11-23-2006, 10:05 PM
I don't need them for me. It is only to take pictures of a complete brake kit. I have gone beyond the usual e21 BBK. I went Massive.

11-25-2006, 05:50 PM
Lee, I was going through your photo album. Just wondering what kind of "massive" brake kit you have on the car? Is that an s14 under the hood? Car looks good. I might have some hubs kicking around, I'll let you know.


11-25-2006, 06:31 PM
thats the original motor with some serious mods, i feel in love with that kit the first time i saw it, i wanna know the same thing, i checked the outlaw website and found nothing.... the beautiful thing about the car is well everything but the motor stands out.... i wanted toi do an s14 conversion in my 02 but after seeing his pics ive completley changed my mind thanks lee