View Full Version : Radiator Fan broke again.

12-04-2002, 01:45 AM
Shit this is the third time this has happened. My rad fan has hit something inside the engine bay and has broke all the blades. Thank god this time it didn't hit rad or belts. Has anyone had this problem. If so is there any solution for this shit to stop. Maybe cutting the shroud that protects the fan.

I've heard of a fan delete mod that has been done. Is this possible to do on the Radiator Fan.

I need help. This is third time this has happened and I'm pissed. :mad:

12-04-2002, 01:16 PM
mine did this once, and what it was, was that there was a radiator hose along the top of the radiator that fell out of it's clip, and the hose jammed up the fan when one of the blades rubbed against the hose which was pushing against the side of the radiator. You can't tell when you're driving at all, except when i goosed the car, it put too much strain on the blades and they all broke apart!
luckily this wasn't my fault but the fault of the place who installed my air conditioning system under warranty. They forgot to put the hose back in place when they were done. I got them to fix it for free though.

i've read from other forums that these fan blades break often when rocks or debris like pop cans on the street get sucked up by the engine from under the car and break everything apart as well.
unfortunately you can't avoid it unless you cover up the underneath of the engine bay =/