View Full Version : Feeler Alpine CDA-7998/4 Channel Amp/Ipod Connector.

11-20-2006, 08:30 PM
Jst wanted to know if anyone will be intrested in my current audio setup which consists of the following,

Alpine CDA-7998
We all know how good of a harmony this produce to ur ears.
Mint Condition. only thing that is wrong with it is that the next track arrow is a little faded from me pushing it. (Cant help it when u have 3500 songs on Random) it will also come with a remote.


Alpine KCA-420i.
This allows u to hide ur ipod in ur glovebox and control everything else on the headunit. Its compatible with every ipod except for the shuffle.
Best part is it keeps ur ipod fully charged which perfect for someone that goes the gym often.


Lastly its An LA Sound Amp.
its an old school which pumps out alot of power.
Specs are,
4 X 150 @ 4 ohms
Can be bridged to a 3 or a 2 channel amp.
built in crossover.
will accept rca and high imputs.


I will not be parting out any of these items and ill let them go for a very reasonable price so if anyone is intrested send me a pm.