View Full Version : 2 kills in one night!

01-30-2002, 10:15 AM
On my way home from my gf's, i encountered a rowdy 35 to 40 year old man who blatently didn't like rice. I insulted my car calling my exhaust a fart can, and got me pretty peeved. He continued to tell me how his 3.1L monte carlo could kill my car any day, and that I was all show and no go. Blah blah blah, blah blah blah, the red light turned to green, and we both gunned it. His car had a better pickup than mine, but i eventually caught up (it didn't help being on a slight incline either), we were about nose to nose, then i started pulling away from him. I kept accellerating, and we were up to about 160km/h before i just started walking away from him in 3rd gear while i heard his car hit 4th. I cut in front of him so that he couldn't do one of those sorry ass flybys, but he just ended up stopping and then turning down the first street he saw with his tail inbetween his legs. w00p w00p, 1 more kill for my poor high mileage automatic heh

2nd race of the night was against a buddy of mine's mazda mx-6 5pseed with intake and exhaust. I know his car can beat mine, dont ask me why, but i just have this theory that people with 5speed trannies could kill my car...why does bmw have to make such a crap auto tranny? anyway, we gunned it down a street which is almost a quarter mile long, and to my disbelief, again in 3rd gear, i pulled away from him (but with alot of strain on the engine)!! It seemed like my car was revving much higher than his, or he just doesn't know how to shift it properly, i dont know.
The worst part of it was that when we stopped to laugh about it, a cop car cam storming down the street ready to bust us. My buddy drove into a parking lot to park his car and walk away, while i was stunned and pulled over and stopped. I exited the car, and all i hear from the officer was "HAVING FUN?"
i proceeded not to say anything back and then the officer said "Who were those guys??!" i played stupid, and then he went into the parking lot to go look for em. Why the cop left me there i dont know, but i just quickly got into my car and sped off back to my house as fast as i could. I parked my car, and then walked back with a hoody on to hide my identity. My friend ended up getting reemed out by the cop but didn't get a ticket fortunately.

it was pretty scary, but funny as well.