View Full Version : 2 Stock 15" Type E (bottlecap) Rims

12-02-2002, 01:24 AM
I've got 2 stock 15" wheels off of my 1995 318is for sale. They are E36 offset. I recently had them replaced with wheels from the Wheel Collision Center (www.wheelcollision.com). These two both have very slight bends in them that caused a vibration in my steering wheel from 45mph-65mph. All other speeds there was negligable amount of shake. These wheels new from Bavarian Autosport are $215 a piece. From Wheel Collision Center, they are $165 refurbished.

Since these are bent wheels, I would recommend they be used as spares, which they would be perfect for. They are not in perfect physical nor visible condition. The previous owner obviously didn't wash off brake dust enough, and they are spots in a couple of places. However, they are not in that bad of condition. The BMW center caps are not included.

And heck, these would make a nice coffee table, as some people have done with other bent rims!

I am asking $130 plus shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. That's only $65/rim. If you want to get them refurbished the cost is usual $75-100 per rim, and that would bring you up to $165/rim, the exact price WCC charges. No tires are included.

I can be contacted through Private Message, e-mail (kevin@teamindecisive.com), or you could just reply to this thread. All prices are in US Dollars.