View Full Version : Winter tires needed on 325xi ?

10-03-2006, 06:01 PM

Need some advice as I'm not too sure what to do. I currently have a 325xi and I'm considering in getting another set of rims w/ winter tires. Question, is it necessary for me to get winter tires for my car?

Prev. car was a honda civic, so yes I got winter tires and worked well. But never had a BMW with traction control & stability so was wondering if that is enough to get through the winter with, or i need actual winter tires?


10-05-2006, 10:15 PM
AWD doesn't help you turn or stop better. And electronic systems only allow you to use mroe of the available grip, but the limits are still the same.

Winter tires should be on every vehicle. I have an excellent winter comparo here, I'll get it scanned soon and post it up.