View Full Version : chalk up another pick-up kill for the 328

01-29-2002, 12:39 AM
Tonight as I was coming home going north on Dufferin by Steeles. Some guy in a big F-150 starts some 'spirited' driving. Now I know some of these pick-ups are quick......but why do I always run into these guys that want to race my bone-stock 328??? Well, we finally get a chance to line it up at the lights at Langstaff. I didn't even launch it, heard him squeal his tires though. By 3rd, I had about 5-6 cars on him and I just eased off the throttle as I was doing about 130km/hr. He flies by, and I think he gave me a couple of quick flashes with his hazards - I return the gesture in case that's what it was and not just him tapping his brakes. After all, it's all about fun. Nothing serious. FUN! You win some, and you lose some. And trust me, I've done some losing in my years. There's always a car out there that's a little quicker!!! And I've been doing this for almost 10yrs!!

On another note. Yesterday. Beautiful day along Hwy7. Same scenario. Someone and his woman doing some spirited driving in his MB SL500. I know it's a fast car, but hell.....I wanted a shot at the title! I thought I'd at least make him earn it. Sure enough, we sort of line it up at one of the lights. Well, not really. I was up at front, and he was right behind me. When the light turns green, I launch it. Perfectly I might add!! hahaha. I actually thought I had a chance. Buddy has enough power to pull next to me in the next lane. And by the time I got into 3rd. He had about 3-4 cars on me.......and pulling away!!!!!! As he passed me, I look over at him and just started laughing at myself, he's looking at me and smiling too!!! hahahaha. I had NO CHANCE, and I did everything right except choose the car to race against. Once again, all in good fun! Thank God....no cops.

Have Fun people. And be safe. We don't need any more idiots out there. Good, semi-controlled fun is what I guess you can call it.


P.S. I've got tons of racing stories. Most with my previous car - a slightly modded Accord. Raced everything in that car.

One more thing. Do you guys get a lot of Pick-ups wanting to race???

01-29-2002, 01:36 AM
My buddy actually rented one of those F-150s some time in the summer. (he needed to move something). So we took it for a test drive. 5.6l engine (I think). Oh my God. :puke:

That car just makes LOTS of noise and doesn't go anywhere. I feel more torque with my ti than with that thing. It's a total waste of money in my opinion even if one works in construction business or something.


01-29-2002, 01:52 AM
Just to clarify something. The fun I had with the F-150 isn't anything and shouldn't be anything to brag about. But to sound like a little kid "He asked for it!". haha. And it was fun. Sort of.
Just wanted to say that.


01-29-2002, 10:13 PM
woman doing some spirited driving in his MB SL500. I know it's a fast car, but hell.....I wanted a shot at the title! I thought I'd at least make him earn it.

how did that woman have such a quick sex change??:huh?:

Edit: nevamind....i read it again and it was 'someone and his woman' sorry*th-up*

01-31-2002, 12:06 AM
Reading skills need some work NOS?? Just kidding. Fine woman she was too!!!!!!


01-31-2002, 12:22 AM
Trucks have there uses...for pulling and hauling! This idiot on my street put a 350cc in a dank ol ugly ass truck with manual trans raced one of his relatives that hat a vw fox...yes fox. when they took off, all that truck did was spin and peel (with one rear wheel) and the fox.........gone.

the worst part of all this is that engine in the truck came frome a restorable 69' Impala convertable. Impala was scraped worthless truck has older engine.:puke: