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11-24-2002, 07:09 PM
I know i made a topic b4, but i couldnt find it, so here it again:
Here is a nasty pic of my 533iS, ill get sum good ones too soon, and the rims are 5 star M power replicas, and i aslo have the original 5 series rims, with winter rubber on them......i want to get M5 wheels, sometime soon, but we will see......also, the back has been dropped a bit, and its got the M5 mirrors, M5 spoiler, M5 exhaust (yes it was taken of a totalled M5, and put on my car, hopefuly soon ill get something louder, since the growl of this Muffler doesnt satisfy me too much....), beige leather interior, sadly no sport seats, its got a sportier clutch, rebuild 3.2-3.5L engine that makes about~~ 200horses, 5spd, manual, ~40 % tinted green windows(previous owner wanted to be able to see thru RAY BAN glass, everytime, so the windows are greenish, very nice though, and it has a GAY stereo, that will be taken care of as time goes by, but the back JBL speakers arent too bad, and its got the cutouts in the trunk for the woofers, anyways, thats pretty much it about my car, so i would really like to hear what you guys have to say??? And i will get a front bumper spoiler sometime soon, when i find one!
pic #2
wtf?????????ill have the rest of the pics later, sumtin is wrong with webshots, i have 4 more pics coming up......

11-24-2002, 07:24 PM
actually just go to my album, and check them out there, the black bimmer is mine, and the white one belonged to a friend of mine........

dont say nutin about my hair, i had just got out of bed and was pulling the car out to give it a wash.......and my mo took the pics.....anywhoo......the interior is beige, not white like it looks in the pics...........
make ur comments........
and also, gamite, feel free to make me an avatar using the side, back/side, and front shot of the car.......any q's u got, pm me......thanx