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11-18-2002, 04:54 PM
Check this out, I got my M3 rims for sale that came off my 97 M3. I want them gone. They are 17" rims and they have a M emblem right below the bmw center cap. 2 of my rims have curb rashes on them. They arent bad rashes, but they are noticable really close, but not at a far distance. One rim has a rash that goes almost half way around the rim and the other is almost the same.

I also am selling 4 Toyo Proxies tires seperate or with the rims, which ever anyone perfers. The size on the tires are 215/45 ZR17. They are all the same size. All 4 tires have about 90-95% tread on them because i barley used them because when i bought my new rims they came with them and i drove with them for awhile but replaced them with other tires because i really dont like the Toyos.

I would like to sell the rims for $500 or best offer. If u want to buy them with the tires then the total package would be $750 or best offer. And as for the tires ill sell them 100 each and for 4 I"ll sell for 400 or best offer.

If you are interested please email me Email (michigan90@aol.com)

If you would like to see more photos please request it in the email. I would be glad to send them to you.

Here is a photo of the rims:

11-18-2002, 08:52 PM
Here is a better picture of the rims, the digital camera i have doesnt take pics well. Sorry for the inconvience.*devil*

11-20-2002, 09:08 PM
i am actually kinda interested in the rims, but i need some done, to figure out if i can get em or not, you in a hurry to sell?!
PM me some details!