View Full Version : Fuel pump problems!!!

07-26-2006, 08:39 AM
About 2 years ago my original fuel pump dies. We took off the back seat and removed the fuel pump, we notice all the rust inside the gas tank and figured this might of cloged up the pump, the little filter on it was full of rust particles. So, got a new gaz tank, new fuel pump and a new fuel filter. I do about 10 000kms to 15 000kms a year.
Yesterday, i was runing on low fuel about 1/8, as this makes me nervous cause i'm aware about the low fuel problem that causes the fuel pump to burn on e30's.As i'm about to cross the intersection to the gaz station my car dies out.Pushed the car, filled it up with fuel, tried to start it and nothing. Removed the back seat, unpluged the fuel return line, cranked the car, and started about 5 seconds later. Was idling like crazy, reving to 3000 and going down to 1000 so i unpluged the control idle valve and it stopped came back to 1000rpm. Plug it back and everything was back to normal. Same thing happened at the end of the day with full gaz tank, but this time had no choice to replace the fuel pump in order to make it run. Ones replaced and started, the idle was going crazy again, so i unplugged the control idle valve again. Ones i would plug it back, the engine would go crazy again so i left it unpluged.
I really dont understand why would the fuel pump go bad again after all the parts i changed, considering also that it runed only for about 25 000kms. Anyone had this bad experience before, what solutions is there, i dont want to be replacing my fuel pump every 2 years. :mad:

07-31-2006, 09:23 AM
Problem resolved!!!:*par-t*
Last night i was looking at the fuel pump, i just could'int accept the fact that the fuel pump would seize so fast. I double checked again the resistance beetween the 2 external terminals of the assembly. Not suprised, there was no continuity, but then i figured let me check again but this time directly to the fuel pump terminals... Suprise, suprise, there's continuity :confused: ...
Took a closer look at the wires that lead from the fuel pump to the assembly bracket, and noticed that one wire was off at the conection where the weld should hold it in place. Now, how did that get loose, i guess when assembled, it was not properly solder in place. And i was the lucky one *mumble*
I still have a problem with my idle control valve, i'm thinking that maybe the loose wire from the fuel pump made a short to the body (ground) and this caused a problem in the electronics.