View Full Version : FS:Supersprint E36 M3 exhaust

11-14-2002, 04:21 PM
For sale: 100% stainless Supersprint cat-back exhaust for all '94> E36 M3's. Dual 76mm round tips (part #78.43.06). Used for 3 month and 3k miles. It is in perfect, as-new condition, but the side of the muffler canister has been modified (dented in) to help clear wide rear wheels and tires. It will fit all 6cyl E36 models, but requires welding at the flange on US cars. A very simple $40 muffler shop job. This system is a must have for any SC'd, turbo'd, OBDI 3.2L or other 280+HP modified E36's.

$750 CAD

11-14-2002, 09:58 PM
This can sounds awesome I have it on mine, complete SS front to back......This is a sweet piece for sure!!!!