View Full Version : wont start

07-08-2006, 06:30 PM
I read through the past posts but my issue seems a bit different. My car usually starts up right away little to no cranking. I drove it too work no problem. Sometimes at a red light it seems like it will die so i put it in neutral and hold the revs up a bit ( this only started recently). So i finish my shift head back out, crank the car and it fires then dies. I check the hoses make sure nothings loose tons of battery power I even put my jump pack back on it and then i go to start it again all it does is turn over no spark. I got it towed to a mechanic near me. The next day i went over to let him kno what happened and I go to start it and again it fires like it did the day before but it doesnt hold and it just dies. go to start it again no fire just turning over. Mechanic thinks fuel pump but just wondering if you guys have any other ideas. OR if anyone has a fuel pump for me 87 325i. and where is the fuelpump is it hard to change?