View Full Version : '84 318i intermittent problem

07-03-2006, 10:45 PM
Got the 318i running, she sounds great... anyhow, I've had one other intermittent problem... I'll be driving along, hit a bump, and the car won't rev past 1500 rpm (sometimes 2000). It's like it hits a rev limiter at that RPM. If I hit another bump, it'll be fine. Fuel pressure isn't dropping at all, gauges aren't doing anything odd, and the engine doesn't misfire at all when it's below it's unintentional 'rev limiter'.

I'm leaning towards a loose wire... but the big issue is, which one? If anyone has run into this, I'd love to know.... I mean, I'd love to go probing at loose wires BUT I have no idea which component is screwing up as a result of this. The AFM is functioning, as well as the IAC (as far as I can tell)

Thanks in advance!