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11-11-2002, 07:10 PM
I have the following items for sale some have to be sold as a group and cannot be split up right now.

I am looking to do this pretty quickly too.

1) 4 M3 Replica rims

two of these rims will need to be refinished and will probably cost you about 150 each. The other two rims have some dings on them and although you might want to consider that they look pretty nice still. The rubbers are included and probably have aboutu 20k on them

2) Dinan Package

I have the following dinan stuff for sale - High Flow Cold Air intake, High Flow Throttle Body, Stage 3 Software for sale.

I am looking to unload these as a group since the computer ODBII will have to go along with everything. I need the ODBII you have back to return it my car, this will give you the stage 3 software which is tuned to work with all the dinan stuff.

3) Stereo stuff (sold together or apart)

12" L7 Kicker speaker/box - paid about 900

1000watt Mono Fosgate amp (single channel amp meant for pushing subs) paid about 1k

MP3 player pioneer deck model mp7400 paid about 500


That is the stuff i have for sale as of now. I am not asking what these products would be worth new as they're not worth that however, do some homework on the stuff to find out what they would be worth new so you can get a fair idea of what you think it is worth today.

It saves us the time of you offering me $50 for something i paid a heck of a lot more for :)