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06-07-2006, 11:17 AM
We are having a sale at RMP Motors on Ceramic Brake Pads.

The PRO ACT Akebono brake pads..

Here is some info.

Engineered to eliminate noise, vibration and harshness, ProACT Ceramic Disc Brake Pads provide the ultimate braking experience. The best replacement for restoring OE ceramic pad performance, ProACT Ceramic Disc Pads are also ideal for upgrading from conventional pads.

In addition to dramatically quieter braking, ProACT Ceramic Pads provide best-in-class braking performance, including enhanced initial effectiveness (no break-in required), high resistance to fade, consistent brake pedal feel and ultra-low dusting for cleaner wheels and tires. Ceramic technology also causes minimal wear on brake rotors.

Akebono Ceramic Brake Technology leads the industry with these exclusive features:

Harmonically damped design for maximum control of NVH
Vehicle-optimized ceramic formulas for superior performance that is unmatched by “one size fits all” brands
Post cured and heat scorched to ensure the highest initial effectiveness requiring no “break-in procedures” (exclusive to front formulations)
“Rotor-friendly” pad formulations prevent uneven rotor wearing and pulsation complaints
Precision-fit steel backing plates lead the industry in reducing vibration induced noise
100% chamfered and slotted to further enhance NVH control
High resistance to fade with fast recovery
Precision-fit shims aid in noise abatement and prevent shim migration
Black powder coat finish provides OE-level corrosion resistance
100% asbestos-free formulations
High-temperature resistant moly lube included in all boxes

The pad sets are priced as follows, all prices are plus tax:

E30, E36, E46, M3, M5 Front:

E38, E39 Front:

All Rears

Install is also available,

Please contact me at the shop for any questions or more information on this products.

There are cheaper ceramic pads then these but the quailty in braking is far superior with the Akebono brand pads.

For more info check out WWW.Akebonobrakes.com


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Come on Rocco you need the nice Cermaic Squeek, lol

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They are quiet, I have installed them on cars including M3's and no noise at all.