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05-24-2006, 10:27 PM
Hey guys I'am new to the forums and I dont own a bmw at the time but I plan on buying one sometime soon, right now I'am driving a 2door 2001 sunfire with 45,000km. I'am planning on going to Autobody for school next year and I may be able to get a hold of a slavage titled e46 330 or M3 for a cheap price and fix it myself cause I have all the tools and most of the skill required to repair the car. + my uncle has a shop. If that plan fails I guess I could go with a E36 in fair shape and high mileage and just do a swap for a M3 motor and tranny and might as well replace the suspension and drop the car. Either way I will have a big project and a blast doing it. I also dont plan on putting a new car on the road still next spring.
Cheers The Kid