View Full Version : Went To The "M" Tour On Saturday.

05-15-2006, 08:52 AM
Myself and a few other guys went to check it out in Ottawa. It's like a car show, but only 5 cars.

M coupe, sorta looks like a Viper. Long hood tons of room to work under the hood, this one was Iamola red on red leather. One problem with this car was where the cup holders are, EVERLAST pointed out the the one on the passengers side, if it's open and your passenger gets out of the car, good by cup holder and a big mess in your $67K Base Price car. The taillights have changed form the Z4, looks alot better IMO. Very nice car.
330HP @ 7,900PRM.

M5, what a car. $117,000 Base, nice roomy interior, alot of toys in the car. Window shades built into the back doors. Climate control from the rear etc...
Under the hood a nice V10 pumping out 500HP. No room under there as it's a big peice of plastic...

M6 $137,000(?) base. Carbon fibre roof(exterior), carbon fiber on the dash, nav system, dvd player. The display on the front windsheild. Another V10 in this one. If this is the one going to Toronto check out the scratches near the rear wheel well on the drivers side*shiner* and the nice red stain on the white leather drivers seat*sad* .

M3 $76,000 base price. I fell in love with that car when I sat in it. Like always it's a I6 with 333HP at 7,9000PM. Quad exhaust, SMG with paddleshifting on the steering wheel. Don't like how the paddles are attached to the actual steering wheel, in case you shift with those in the corners....

MRoadster, Didn't really look at this one at all...

So there was free water and cookies, woohoo. Got to sit in each car and check them out. So if you guys get the chance, you should go and check them out.

05-15-2006, 01:54 PM
Anybody know when this is coming to St Catharines or any other Dealers in teh area?

05-15-2006, 03:12 PM
BMW Mississauga meet is on the 24th of May...