View Full Version : BMWCC May monthly meeting (changed) - Tues May 9 (7:30pm)

05-08-2006, 07:42 AM
Just a reminder that the May meeting of the Trillium Chapter will happen this Tuesday, May 9 @ 7:30 pm.

We had originally hoped to meet at BMW Toronto to view the entire line of current M models. However, BMW Toronto has not yet received those cars so we will have to wait.

In the meantime, a social evening has been arranged at "The Musket", Come out and enjoy a review of the F1 race from Nurburg, Germany as well as a chance to meet with your fellow club members. You can ignore the race if you'd like!

Once again,

The Musket
40 Advance Road,

7:30 pm this Tuesday.

05-08-2006, 08:03 AM
Do you have to be a member of BMWCC to attend the meet? Cost?


paul christians
05-08-2006, 09:39 AM
^^^^no you do not have to member of BMWCC,but can get the 411 on that thought,I will try to make it out too........

05-08-2006, 07:19 PM
as long as im not too tired i'll try and come out, may be picking up my car tomorow night so if i do i'd proly swing by after that. if that's the case i'll call you randy and see where your at

05-08-2006, 11:06 PM
Depending on how i feel, i might show up Paul ill give u a call 2morrow after noon.