View Full Version : Audio issue (or maybe something electrical)

05-06-2006, 12:26 PM
Amp on my e39 is dying, radio plays ok for a while (5-10min) then noise starts (from the rear speaker) like there's short in the amp. *EDIT* When I tap on the rear speakers the noise stops, so i guess it could be bad speakers, but thats till leaves cd changer problem *EDIT*

I went to audio place and they said the best thing to do is to put in an aftermarket deck. They have an ok bracket too but the whole thing has to go out, so the area where tape deck is and everything under that (where you set time/date, check for fuel economy etc). I would REALLY want to keep stock look, but don't want to pay around $2000 for new bmw amp (just checked now at the dealer). Another issue is that CD changer doesn't detect CDs. When I press that button that is supposed to change between tape and cd changer, it only says NO TAPE.

What can I do??

I'd like to keep stock look and all wheel controls. So, if possible, avoid putting in new deck.

05-06-2006, 01:46 PM
I strongly suggest having someone look at it. This COULD be as simple as a loose connection, (anyone with any soldering experience could solder the wires for you) or, could be much more complicated. someone like paul_christians could definatly tell you what your problem is, no matter how complicated it is.

As for stock look, check on BF.C, some used deck's come on there every once in a while. If you want stock-looking aftermarket, and got the cash, i'd say go nakachimi, even though with stock speakers that may be overkill.

good luck man

05-06-2006, 02:57 PM
I just sent him a PM. I can solder it if that's a problem, but what concerns me more is that CD changer doesn't work. As far as I remember even if there are no CDs in the changer, and you press CD/T button it should display numbers 1-6, right? When I put in CD I can hear CD changer 'working', but when I press CD/T button I get only msg that there's no tape.

05-06-2006, 07:54 PM
I took the cover off from the trunk (top) and checked wires that I could get to, nothing.

Is there a way to check WHAT could be cauisng this issue? Noise usualy comes from the rear speakers (right behind the headrest in the back), and radio still plays but that noise gets pretty loud.

Also, if the amp isn't working good, could that cause cd changer to stop working as well? As I said before, it doesn't want to switch to CD, just says NO TAPE.

Unless there's something else I could check myself I guess my best bet is to take it somewhere and have someone who knows what they're doing check everything, then at least I'll know what I need to replace. I really don't want to put in aftermarket deck (even though that seems like much cheaper option), unless I have to.

Any suggestions/tips?