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04-26-2006, 04:25 AM
FYI...hope this helps....I just went through this 2 days ago.

I have got stuff through United Parcel Service Ground and have got away with no taxes but I have realized that it all depends on where the prduct is make. If it was made in the US or canada, then free trade applys. Otherwise you will be taxed.

6% on Rims not made in US or Canada.

6.5% on tires not made in Canada.

Plus GST and PST on the reciept value. In some provinces HST.

So I would guess about 23% is a safe number.

Taxes will be charged and value in Canadian Dollars.


Keep in mind that if the product you are buying is not made in a Country that is on the USA's GOOD TRADING PARTNERS LIST then you will be taxed to HELL and BACK !!!!

I'm not a pro at this stuff but you can call these guys for 100% accurate info....

CBIS 1-800-461-9999

Canadian Border Info Services.

Good Luck !!!


PS When you call it might be a good idea to block your number.