View Full Version : FS: SPARCO 6 Pt Race Belts

04-19-2006, 11:03 AM
Have ONE(1) sety of SPARCO SIX(6) (dual crotch strap) Pt race belts, complete with cam style lock. SFi rated, 3" width, RED in colour. Used for about 1.5 seasons in DE's and BMWCCA club racing (total of about 12-14 events)

Excellent condition - BUT have Expired now(Mfr date of 4/03) for BMWCCA CR, ...but are perfectly good for DE's, schools and lapping days, etc. VERY clean and free of marks and/or track grime.

I would *NOT* recommend these belts for anyone that does NOT have at least a simple roll bar/hoop(s) in their car.

Complete - they sell NEW at various motorsports retailers such as JRP and the like for ~$385.

Asking $150 CAD

See the here >>>

DIRECT EMAIL: drowlison@ctdi.com