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Justin e36
04-08-2006, 03:53 AM
Looking to boost my 318i... would like to know what Turbocharger this is. I think it would look nice with my m42 engine.



Owners: Mohammed and Bakr Ibrahim – Queen St. Smash
A 2600lb quad-rotor boosted by Turbonetics Big Thumper
Best 1/4 time: 7.234 @ 185mph

The Queen Street Smash Repairs Bar-B BMW at Quit Motorplex on April 23, 2005. This is the first time that the car has raced in WA.

The Bar-B BMW of Mohammed Ibrahim made its debut at Auto Salon in 2003 with its wild graphics and twin turbo charged quad-rotary engine. That year the car also went on a national tour and underwent numerous transformations and upgrades. The reward was winning King of Auto Salon at each of its show appearances and then scooping the highly prestigious God of Auto Salon award at Final Battle.

By 2004 it was time to go racing. It was built to perform on the drag strip and have since became the front runner in the sport compact scene.

This car is full tube while the body panels are steel and tips the scales with driver at 2735 lbs. The quad rotary engine now features a huge single turbo making around 1600 hp. Best ET is 7.23 seconds while the speed is 185.9 mph.

This car has the potential to dip into the six second zone; all that’s missing is a sticky race track and the right air conditions. Quit Motorplex could just be that missing link.


The world was full of skeptics when Queen St Smash first unleashed its full-tube-chassis twin-turbo quad-rotor BMW coupe two years ago the unsuspecting pundits coming up with plenty of reasons why it wouldn't work.

Sure, it was a show car of the highest caliber good enough for the Summernats Top 10, Show Car Superstars glory and overall winner of a certain other show series but only numbers would validate the hype behind the immaculately finished double-blown 26B power-plant. Low numbers

That day is here!
A best ET of 7.29 @ 191.8mph has announced, in no uncertain terms, the arrival of a force to be reckoned with both locally and globally. Most special of all the Bimmer's attributes is its ability to hack, not shave, seconds off its fast-dropping PBs.

A maiden run in the 10s, pre test and development days, proved QSR could make the forced-induction quad-rotor work, but it wasnt until an 8.884 @ 153.77mph that anyone suspected they were serious about running times in this machine.

That was at the Sydney Jamboree in April last year. By Summernats early 2005, the Queen St BMW had recorded a 7.26 @ 191mph. That's a staggering second and a half in less than a year, and no mean feat when it puts you in the low sevens. But it's the six-second mark that holds the future for this quad-rotor.

As rare and desireable as they come, the 26B is the bastard child of the late 13B range with Series IV rotor housings and low compressions (8.4:1) rotors, Series VI stationary gears and a custom three-piece billet eccentric shaft that Bill had specially fabricated in New Zealand. Choice, hey bro. It's all been precision balanced and is packed together using dowells and studs with PTS seals.

The current set-up sees the previous twin Garrett 272s replaced with the Pavarotti of blowers a Turbonetics Big Thumper the biggest the company makes. It runs an XTR external wastegate and BOV, along with a Mick's Metalcraft dry-ice system. The icebox is essentially a couple of PWR barrel coils and an intercooler surrounded by dry ice in a sealed enclosure, thus maintaining a consistent, ideal air temperature.

Straight methanol from the custom alloy fuel cell in the back runs through the Enderle pump and stainless steel lines to 1750cc injectors.
Previous problems at the intake end have been ironed out by Phil Laird from GSER. He custom-fabricated a serious plenum and sorted the throttle bodies and new alloy fuel rails to accommodate the massive air/fuel flow required.

Dumping duties are pretty simple a Mazsport custom stainless exhaust manifold runs to 2.25in plumbing exiting through the gaping mouth under the door.

The other problem area for the BM 's the gearbox has also been rectified, with the Lenco five-speed air-shift box, Hays clutch, custom flywheel and twin pressure plate now working in effortless harmony. Aluminium 4in driveshafts and a heavy-duty 4.8-ratio diff take care of the enormous transfer loads of more than 1400bhp and 1100Nm of torque.

The whole show is run by a MoTeC M800, which now regulates three phases of boost for each run. First and second gears get 20psi, taking the Bimmer to around 120km/h. For third and fourth gears [to around 250km/h] it's upped to 28psi and 34psi takes it into fifth and across the line at full knots.

It's very sophisticated software, and uses sensors for everything from clutch, gearbox, diff and wheels, to suspension travel and even G-forces, to record and relay important data.

The data is then analysed after each run, significantly increasing the level of feedback, reducing the time factor and fast-tracking the development process.

The suspension is strange but there's nothing peculiar about it. Special Strange coil-overs live in each corner, with the front four-pot calipers, also Strange, in the nose. The rear received four-pot Wilwoods, and custom slotted light-weight racing discs are used all round. However, the 200mph+ twin-parachute set-up does the majority of the work pulling this thing up.

Ordered specially from the USA, custom Weld billet wheels come in Hoosier-shod 13x4.5in cheese cutters up the front and Mickey Thompsons wielding 16x16-inchers down the back.

The Bimmer's promotion to the pointy end of the field warranted a colour makeover, and Big D's brazen yellow across the front is a dramatic shift from Barby's trademark candy pinks and purples. Fear not Barby purists, as there's plenty of that House Of Kolor tradition running through the flames and chequered flags down the sides.

As you'd expect, there's not much to do in this cabin but pull gears and keep it in a straight line. There arent even any gauges to distract Bill when he's at work he only recently had a shift light installed. With clockwork gear changes at the 9800rpm mark based purely on engine sound and feel, he doesnt even need it. First gear is on the stick, with second to fifth paddle-shift-style behind the Momo wheel. A Momo race bucket and five-point harnesses hold Bill in place during excessive G-forces.

Its been a long time coming, but it all fits in with the Queen Street teams strategy. One, come up with the killer original theme who else would have tried a blown quad-rotor BMW? Two, clean up on the show circuit no disputing that one. Three, take it to the top of the time sheets its in the final stage and happening as you read this

Hot Facts:
Owners Mohammed and Bakr Ibrahim Queen St. Smash

Year/Make/Model 1997 E36 BMW M3 coupe

Engine Accessories Mazsport mild port, Series IV low comp [8.4:1] rotors/rotor housing, Series VI stationary gears, custom three-piece custom billet eccentric shaft, PTS seals, studs, fully balanced, dowelled, Turbonetics Big Thumper blower, XTR external wastegate, BOV, Micks Metalcraft Dry-ice intercooler set-up, polished stainless plumbing, MoTeC M800 ECU, twin MoTeC CDI-8 ignition, 1750cc injectors, Enderle fuel pump, custom fuel rails, throttle bodies, GSR intake manifold, custom fuel cell, custom Mazsport stainless exhaust manifold, 2.5in exhaust, braided lines, Peterson anodized fittings, custom polished oil surge tank, battery cell, custom radiator overflow.

Drivetrain Hardware Five-speed air-shift Lenco, Hayes clutch plate, custom flywheel, twin pressure plate, aluminium 4in drive-shafts, 9in 4.8:1 diff

Brakes and Suspension : Strange four-pot calipers, cross-drilled lightweight racing discs; Wilwood four-pot calipers, cross-drilled lightweight racing discs; Strange coil-over suspension.

Rolling Stock Weld billed 13x4.5in wheels in Hoosier tyres (front) and 16x16in wheels in Mickey Thompson sticks (rear).

Bodywork Full tube-frame chassis, all steel panels, Perspex windows, House of Kolor candy hues, twin (200mph) chutes, wheelie bars.

Interior Gadgetry Momo Race bucket and wheel, five-point harness

Stereo Components Not likely

Special Thanks Queen St Racing and crew, Bakr, Fred, Zac, Aboud and Steve at QSSR, Bill, George and Steve at Mazsport Racing, Phil, Bracy and Scott at Graphic Skills Racing, MoTec, Grags Towing Services, Rob at Got To Go Towing, Mickis Metalcraflt,
James at Grove Rider, Owen Webb at House of Kolor, Big D, Doran Pro Audio, ASV European Spares, Blu Chrome, Team Karam Racing, Fibremotive,Rocket Industries, Zoom Graphics, XXX Signs, Avira Tune Rockdale, Nick, Joe Cuttili, Joe Blo, R&D Automotive Centre, all the boys and all the fans.

Making the Grade:
As a 2600lb quad-rotor, QSRs BMW is not currently sanctioned to run in the Sport Compact class.

The new regs, which will allow the quad-rotor to compete in the Sport Compact class, werent finalized as we went to press, but when they do come into place they are likely to stipulate it should run at a minimum of 2800lbs for its capacity output. So it has been, for the time being, relegated to the SSBB (Super Sedan) cat3egory.
With Pac 2L 20B MX-6 setting a PBET of 7.044 at a rumoured 1100lbs, and QSRs 2.6L 26B running a 7.29 at 2600lbs, you don’t need an abacus to work out the power-to-weight equation here.
But maybe the best indicator to the BMs true potential is its 1.11sec 60ft and 4.7sec @ 157mph times!
Bill reckons its making too much power, if thers such a thing! Mark our words, theres going to be a changing of the guard.

04-08-2006, 04:02 AM
holly shiet!

04-08-2006, 04:20 AM
Turbo is too small for 1.8l

Anyway, can't call that car a bmw. It is as much a BMW, as a Civic with a BMW badge.

04-12-2006, 04:43 PM
4.8:1 diff ... wow... is that custom?

04-12-2006, 05:37 PM
I think it says on the trubo turbonetics.

04-12-2006, 05:45 PM
gawd damn

04-12-2006, 10:21 PM
Them Aussie's sure know their stuff, especially on rotary's and turbo's. I do believe that could be the same car that's in a couple of my ZOOM magazines but I'd have to go check to be sure.

04-28-2006, 08:35 AM
Chit that's one big leaf blower.