View Full Version : the google game!

04-07-2006, 01:22 PM
ok heres how it goes, goto google.com. type in a funny word and click feelin lucky instead of search, post that website on here along with your search word!


hahah! who names there club A.N.U.S!Nihilism is the belief that nothing is real and nothing is worth doing. As such it is a form of idealism, or the belief that reality and mind share a function. When we realize our thoughts are more real than physical existence, but the two depend on each other, we can strip away our meaningless preconceptions and address reality as it actually is. Nihilism is at first fatalism, then realism, and finally, a heroic form of idealism in which we accept that our lives "mean" nothing except as we make them to be. Nihilism is an intellectual maturation that is the gateway to all future philosophy.