View Full Version : OEM M Technic 2, kit for Coupe $ 1700 shipped

04-01-2006, 03:55 AM
Well, finally found a M Tech 2 cabrio kit, I already have a MT2 but rocker panels are for Coupe, not Cabrio.

Keeping my MT2 Euro bumpers (no side markers), items for sale as follows...

- White, US Front Bumper and Spoiler with mounting shocks
- White, US rear bumper and Apron with mounting shocks
- some parts will be Delphin Metallic like Rocker panels, maybe fender/door/quater panels too, well see.

have to get the parts off the white cabby this weekend...

here's pic of Coupe rocker panels and fender/door/quater sections.
rear fender/apron are intsalled on my car...