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03-26-2006, 03:35 PM
I have a '92 535i, lowered on B&G springs (2in front, 1.5in rear)

the car pulls to the right and has minor vibration at high speed. The rear camber is visibly off. both tires lean inward at the top, drivers side more then pass. side.
I've been to 3 alignment shops here is what they said:

shop 1 : everything is fine

shop 2 : front pass. side caster is out, car has no adjustment, need adj. control arms

shop 3 : front end is fine, rear camber and toe is wrong, no adjustment on car, need adj. shims installed

what is your opinion? also before lowering it the rear camber was slightly off (visible) but ride was not affected, since lowering rear camber is off slightly more.