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03-26-2006, 12:04 PM
The reason I put feeler is because there will be a very limited number of these at first. Flying Brick will be the provider of these so you can count on fast reliable service. I'm unaware of the price at this time because it will all depend on the number of buyers.
I dont think I need to explain these to you because we all know about IE's quality, and also about how great long tube headers can be.
Here is what IE's (www.bmw2002.com (http://www.bmw2002.com)) site has for information about these.
New Design - Longer primary tubes and Stainless Steel - These headers are for the M20 6 cyl. They are 3 into 1 type with a set for the front 3 cyl and a set for the rear 3 cyl with 1.5" primarys. They come with a cross over down pipe to connect to the factory exhaust system. Some simple fabrication is required to make the connection. You must cut the stock down tubes in front of the cat and the new down tubes slip over (not inside like other systems) the stock tubes in front of the cat. These are available ceramic coated for an additional $120.
www.flyingbrickperformance.com (http://www.flyingbrickperformance.com)
www.bmw2002.com (http://www.bmw2002.com)

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