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10-27-2002, 11:58 PM
This thread is for anyone who is interested in a complete custom rebuild of the M20 engine. We just took it out of my car with 155,000 miles, and are looking to rebuild and sell it. I am just seeing if any body would be interested in buying the engine with buying parts that are all picked out by you. Meaning;

You tell us what parts you are interested in having in the car
(IE-Cams, pistons, rings, port/polish, wires, raise compression, mass air flow sensor, "cold air intake", etc.)

If you are interested in something like this, please call or email. 970.214.9702. All parts are being cleaned and will be painted to color of choice. If you want it to be left stock, we will use all OEM parts. We have specialized in European cars(Specifically BMW's) we have plenty of experience with these engines. I will offer the exact same warranty as Bavarian Auto Exchange <A HREF="http://www.bavengine.com/about.html">http://www.bavengine.com/about.html</A>. If anybody is seriousely interested in this call asap, if we don't get much response within a week, we will procede to rebuild the engine to OEM quality.

We will replace piston rings, clean the pistons/valves(sandblast), intake and exhaust manifold will be cleaned, cylinders will be honed, lifters will also be measured and corrected as necessary.... Let us know what you think! Otherwise it will be on ebay.
Thank you,
Mike Rieger
J&M Precision Automotive