View Full Version : Interior Design, who has recoloured their interior?

10-22-2002, 03:47 PM
I would like to know who here has had experience with interior customizing. I was wondering what the pros and cons are between redying the existing panels and seats, or, reapholstering the entire seat and panels.

If i were to use the interior dyes on the panels and seats, does it turn out nice or does it look like somebody painted my door panels/seats? If i sit on a redyed seat on a hot day (or any day) will it colour my clothing?

Reason i'm asking is, depending on the colour of my next car, i want to have a two tone of colours on the interior. Maybe black and another colour like red or blue.

Has anyone ever made their own seat covers to reapholster their seats? How did you do it?

10-24-2002, 10:55 PM
I did a bit of plastic dying on my old 91 IROC DAYTONA.I dyed the interior panels purple. I found it looks good but dosent hold up on anything flexable.ie dash. I can't get hit (cracks). even if you use a flex agent..I found the best results are with pvc right over existing panels.
I saw a sit where it shows how to make carbaon fiber panels( door panels dash parts stuff like that ) You could get colored carbon.
Seat dye if it is good dosent come off. Just wait a day or 2 and hand shampoo your seats and shop vac dry to get any excess dye off top of fabric. ( try testing on unseen area and wait for hot day) Each fabric reacts different to dye.I can get leather for about 200 for a hide but it is much cheaper to use vinyl Marine grade. bright colours,thick UV Protected
Good luck!*wave*