View Full Version : Getting New rims + Tires need some help

Zim Zimma
02-14-2006, 07:58 PM
Im getting new rims and I need some sizing help..

My car is a 1998 328is, its lowered...Currently has 17's with 235/40 ZR 90w's all round...

I was looking at getting the ASA AR1's...My question is...should i get the 17x8's with 17x9's for the rear? or get all x8...??( will 9's fit?)

Also what tire size should i get??Same size that i already have? Keep them the same all around ( if i dont get stagged rims)...I plan on doing auto-x and maybe some tracking...So keep em the same all round or staggered?

P.s Anyone know where i can get ASA AR1's in canada..right now im looking at them on Tirerack.....thanks guys

Please help me out thanks!!!