View Full Version : Lots of High End Vintage Audio Gear (Mint)

02-10-2006, 03:40 PM
Phase Linear 400 Power Amp
200 watts per channel and in as close to mint shape as you'll ever find this piece. Original box, manual and review. $150

HIGH END Accuphase C200 Preamp

In excellent condition physically and sonically with original box and manual. Best offer or trades considered. A true collector's piece and as close to mint as you'll ever find. $600.

Jamo 1302 CB4 3 Way Speakers

Very good condition with original boxes. Excellent sounding with large soundstage and very accurate. $100.

Soundcraftsmen RP2212 Pro Equalizer with original box and manual. $70

Description: Soundcraftsmen built much of its reputation around studio-grade equalizers. The company initially built strictly equalizers and supplied a good deal of such equipment to the recording industry, where equalization was so important to the recording process. Soundcraftsmen was one of America's most respected audio component manufacturers. It was established in Santa Ana. The founders of the company took great pride in the fact that each Soundcraftsmen component was hand assembled and wired. Each component was proudly marked "Made in USA." Rarely was a Soundcraftsmen component ever returned for warranty work. Get a truly vintage piece of quality gear. It has it's own character in sound due to applied LC technology. The frequency determining components are coils for each band. Coils can be tuned. The active amplifier circuitry of the RP2212 is comprised of European type transistors.

Features: To equalize with zero overal signal gain, this unit provides a "test light" function. One balances with the level controls, so that the upper and lower lights light about equally.

10 Bands of control for each channel: 30, 60, 120, 240, 480, 960, 1920, 3840, 7680, 15360 Hz; Set up to hook into tape path - allowing to equalize recording or playback with a tape monitor function.

Classic Sony ST-5130 Tuner. A very highly rated classic with original box and manual in excellent condition. $75.

Panasonic SL-Q2 direct drive turntable with box and manual. Need new cartridge. $20 or free with any purchase.