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02-07-2006, 02:09 AM
Burton T6 2006 sz. 152

was selling for $650 but here's the new price boys $550!

why the drop?

well my cousin bought it for $650 but decided that this board is way to fast for him (like i warned). he got the board's topsheet protected with that clear laminate that they use on skis that costs $75 to do. I think it's a good investment to protect your topsheet just because there's alot of careless skiiers and boarders who scrape against your board on chairlifts and stuff!

there's also a clear burton spike mat that he put on it too. this board has just been waxed again and shows very little wear. he only took it up about 3 or 4 times for only a short period of time. remember, this is a $900 board before taxes!



Brand New (Still in Burton Bag) Burton Audex Jacket

This jacket is what you get when Burton, Motorola and Apple combine! This jacket is in a MEDIUM, but maybe you can ask Sporting Life or Holt if they'd exchange it for a different size (PLEASE ASK FIRST because i dont know their exchange policy) Here's the info:


Basically you can control your Ipod and Bluetooth phone through an LCD interface on the sleeve. There's removable speakers in the hood (to listen to music or calls) and a mic in the chest for talking on the phone. There's so much more this jacket can do but please check the website for more details. This jacket is the most technologically advanced snowboard jacket out and the retail price express it! Only Sportinglife and Holt Renfrew got this jacket because it's $780+tax a pop. I'll let it go for $700flat.


02-07-2006, 07:17 PM
Friggin Sweet ass coat!! I never knew of such a thing

btw - watch the video on the coat.. its sooo cheesy