View Full Version : FS:1100 watt RMS Class D Memphis Audio amp

01-21-2006, 07:21 PM
Up for sale is my beaufiful Memphis Audio class D (doesn't heat up) 1100 watt RMS amp. This puppy will make just about ANY sub(s) out there absolutely pound, or if you want you can run your speakers off it as well. I paid $1000 for this, and it is in very VERY good condition. I don't "need" to sell this, and I'll wait for the right buyer, or just keep it and use it in my new car. PM me or e-mail me with offers above $500..........the only thing I ask is to please don't hi-jack this thread. Are there cheaper amps out there?? Yes.......if you want to buy one of those, then go right ahead, but don't tell me how you bough ***'s amp for way cheaper etc etc. This is an extremely high quality, high watt amp that whoever buys will never regret. Cheers,