View Full Version : 1994 318i; last chance before autotrader.

01-21-2006, 12:37 AM
As mentioned in my previous post, this car is in imaculate condition, I just dropped $500 to fix the last imperfection on the body so right now the body is flawless.

All the panals are painted so it does NOT have that OEM look which was the look I was going for. The car is a bright red w/ manual transmission 1994 318i w/ 146,xxx km on it. Tan cloth interior.

Recent additions and replacements include:

-16" BMW rims w/ brand new 225/55/R16 winter tires (paid $400 for winter tires last month). I still have the old steels but I think one of them is a bit wider than the other 3.
- Tar undercoated for winter.
-Sony CD/MP3 player w/ CDROM style ejectable tray.
-New wiper blades last week ($60)

Work done last month by Budds BMW:
-Brand new clutch and release bearing
-Replacement OEM flywheel
-Brand new trunk wiring harness
-Front Brakes serviced
-Brand new Throttle cable
-Brand new pulley and all 3 fan belts.

work done 6 months ago by another mechanic:
-Brand new OEM water pump.
-Brand new tie rods.
- Alot of the front end suspension was replaced too but I can't recall details, I could find out if I had too.

I have the Service records for all of the stuff done at Budd's BMW in Oakville.

I am selling this because I am in school full time right now and the cost to maintain a Germain vehicle is rather high. You guys would probably laugh at me but I will probably end up buying GM untill im done school, most likely a Grand Prix GT. No worries though, after driving a BMW I will HAVE to go back when the budget is there again. It's just too much of a driving experience, especially highway driving :)

There are quite a few high quality pictures of this ride available at this link http://woodcowa.serveftp.net:70/

as of the recent body work, the car is $8000 firm.

Next week it goes on Autotrader for around $9000 or $10000. I am still losing out considering all the work thats been done.

If you are interested or have questions PM me or call me at (905)462-1337