View Full Version : Brand New In Box NIKE SHOX

01-13-2006, 01:39 AM
Retail in stores right now for $169.99

Like the title says, sz. 10, brand new in box, Nike Shox Turbo OZ White/Silver/Green
I have a pic of them in White/Silver/Red (So where its red these are green)

01-13-2006, 03:39 AM
you go on a clepto spree? next time you do lemme know...

01-16-2006, 01:07 PM

01-18-2006, 06:38 PM
Sale Pending

01-19-2006, 12:29 AM
so sweet, my size too....bump *sad*

01-19-2006, 02:07 AM
are they authentic?

and may i ask where you got them, and why you're selling?

01-19-2006, 02:16 AM
They are 100% authentic, and sold. I want L.E. R4's.

Thanks for your interest