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01-21-2002, 11:34 AM
this is an old story, but you guys need more stuff in this section so I thought I would contribute:

on my drive home from work I was cruising at 65 in a 55 on a three lane highway and I decide I want to move from the middle lane to the fast lane (because I approaching a slow moving chevy metro) I look in my blind spot and see a geo storm with HUGE wing (taller than car almost) and chrome hubcaps (missing some of the chrome paint) passing me. Just as the geo is about to pass the metro (in front of me), the metro owner cuts over and misses the geo by about an inch. the geo lays on his horn and gets all ****y. once they pass a couple cars the metro cuts back to the center lane and the two are side by side. I get to the fast lane and hold back to watch them go at it as I try to grab for my digital camera (which I had left at home). The race begins with a couple red faced idiots giving each other the finger and mouthing off. The race starts at about 70mph and they both punch it (I guess). The geo in the center lane drops a gear and I hear his intake buzz and I see a little smoke come out of his 5cm exhaust hole. The metro just sort of pushes the gas down I guess. The geo gets about one car by 85 mph at which point the metro starts to gain on him. I start yelling go metro go!! and I have tears of laughter and I watch the geo sort of vibrate as the huge wing shudders about as the wind hits it. the geo pulls just a little more to have a full car on the metro (going a hair over 90) and then cuts him off and holds up his middle finger to taunt the metro, then slows down some. the metro, being a true sportsman, accepts defeat and pulls to the slow lane (some old guy). I drop back to 65 and hit cruise. I slowly pass the geo and leave him behind.

01-21-2002, 01:57 PM
Damn!! What a race. :D :D It's always fun seeing cars like that go at it.

01-21-2002, 03:50 PM
Nice story,


half of those guys own base model(90-95hp) Storms with rediculous body mods like wings, wheels, etc.

Storm GSI on the other hand (my second car) is faster than half of the cars on the road. They usually ran high 15s and low 16s. 1.8l DOHC 140hp, red line at 7200 and no variable timing crap. :)
FWD :( but they only weigh 2500-2600lb.

There is also a guy in the states who ran 10.5 in 1/4 mile in his Storm with the stock engine from Impulse RS. 400HP at 30PSI with completely stock internals. So much for a GEO being slow. :D