View Full Version : how to remove the front bumper

10-15-2002, 11:33 PM
The front bumper is secured in three places, the front, the underneath edge and the rear edges :

1) - lever out the long black plastic trim strip that is on the right of the number plate and theshort one on the left of the number plate. Behind each of these you will find two nuts that need undoing using a 13mm socket.

2) - In each wheel arch at the front is a further screw that secures the bumper to the body, turn the steering wheel to full lock turning the wheel inwards for the side you wish to undo, e.g turn the wheel left to do the righthand side.

3) - Underneath the bumper at both ends is a triangle shaped piece of plastic held on by 3 screws that needs releasing from the front edge of the bumper.

Once these have all been done carefully pull the bumper forwards until its free. WARNING If the bumper painted do not put it down on concrete or gravel as it will take the paint off so either put it on some grass or onto cardboard