View Full Version : tether anchor Part 2 (for E36)

12-14-2005, 09:19 PM
Wanted this to be an FYI and not add more posts to the original one. I'll leave that for those of you who want to add your name to the group buy that's being attempted now. Only save a few bucks, but what the hell.

Anyhow. You can buy these at various stores like Toys R Us and Canadian Tire. They also come with the baby car seats. However, the bolt is too large late E36's. My car required a 5/16" bolt and most of the universal kits come with a 3/8" bolt. Besides that, the anchor and washer etc is the same. The BMW kit, does come with a unique - aluminum looking sleeve that elevates the anchoring point of the tether. Oh...and there's also a sweet 'cap' that goes over the bolt/anchor. Just to pretty things up a little.

Pic below is one I found from the Cdn Tire website. Retails for $6.99. Go for it if you want...but don't be surprised if the bolt's the wrong size.

Hope this helps a little. Seems like there are only a few guys on the board that need to do this little 'safety' upgrade. I hear that once properly mounted and baby in place - hp in our 3 series drops by about 20!!

12-17-2005, 06:49 PM
Ok Guys. Picked up the tether anchor kits from the dealership. Attached below are a couple of pics. 5 pieces per kit.