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01-20-2002, 02:22 PM
It hit me again today at how my demerit points on my license are written off after this year, and how i've ALWAYS wanted to buy an Eagle Talon TSi AWD.

I was wondering what people think of these cars? I see alot of great deals out there for '96 and up talons with under 100k km's on them for around $11,000 which is reasonable.
It's always been a dream of mine to own a turbocharged car, and i've loved these cars since they came out in '95.
I opted not to buy one and get the bimmer because of my poor driving record for speeding (and insurance reasons).
But since that wont be in effect very soon, it's just boggling my mind about whether i should look into one or not. I would want to mod it to be an all out street legal race car, but would only race it at the track (i've learned my lesson for racing on the street)
I've test driven a stock one, and it's nothing like my car, but i havent driven one with a full blown suspension setup or anything. I was wondering if anyone here can comment on them?
I would probably aim to push it into the 300hp mark, nothing higher (i dont think i'd have the guts to go any faster than that =)
Plus i like the AWD feature for wintertime.

i dunno, maybe i'm crazy, but perhaps somebody can post some of their opinions on these cars.


01-20-2002, 02:32 PM
When i was going to buy my first bmw back in 1998, i had a wide choice of cars to pick from just like alot of you probably had. These were my personal choices.
1.bmw 3 series
2.mercedes (dont remember what model)
3.acura type R
4.mitsubishi eclipse
5.supra(older used)

Well i went with the 98' bmw 318is, and made the perfect choice i think. I know the power wasnt exactly there, but most importantly the rest was. As for other cars i noticed the power might be there but the rest isnt.
Anyways, if you want to purchase a talon, i would rather get am eclipse, Just looks better in my opinion. i would still rather go with a bmw. I couldnt go back to anything else lower in class than a bmw.

01-20-2002, 02:41 PM
True true
the other option i was thinking of is upgrading to a 1995 or higher bmw 530 or 540 (if i can find a 540 for under $20,000 lol)

I've seen some 525i's and 530i's for around $19,000 which is pretty decent...right in my price range.

I really like the 5series, it's not a car you would mod for speed (except if you had an m5), but it's a really nice luxury vehical. But it's damn hard finding a 5spd one!

I would love to upgrade to a 540i more than getting a fast car. I guess the whole bimmer feeling has grown on me through my 325i.
I got to ride in a few 5ers and a dealer took me for a spin in an M5 once (of course he didn't let me drive being only 19 =) and boy was it fun!

are there any problems known with the 5series?
or are they just big floaty boats on the road?

01-20-2002, 03:18 PM
Originally posted by ROB89M3
We got a trade-in at Sisely Honda.I believe it was a 96 Talon. It was turbocharged too. So I get in the car, start it,boom the car wouldn't start.The clutch was burnt as well,and a weird smokin smell. Finally I got the car started.I went for a little spin in it.I hit around 80 kph in it. On the take off,it really does hookup well.You can really hear the sound of the turbo!! Thats the fun part about driving these cars. This car was destroyed ,but if you find a good one,I'm sure they are really fun to drive.

One thing to watch out for is buying a car that is a lemon!! I heard that the trannies on these cars are unreliable. The synchros always go on the gearbox.Also the turbos are somewhat expensive to repair!!

All in all,Talons are quick on the takeoff and I love the sound of the turbo!!! pffffffssssssssstcrrrrsssss!!


How do you guys at Sisley deal with modified trade - ins anyway? I put on a 5 Zigen exhaust system on my mom's civic which was destroyed by a raised sewer manhole:mad: So I'll never know

01-20-2002, 04:12 PM
Originally posted by ROB89M3
We generally don't give much more money for modified cars...when we purchase thw car from a retail customer,we give them a price according to the black book value.If we do take in a modified car,then we will take off any mods,within reason and put the car back to stock.

so basically we don't pay extra for modified cars.

btw,when we take the performace patrs off the cars,guess who takes them???? MUAH=ME!! HAHAHA:D

ahh i see..... so basically you don't take off any money for it either*devil*

do you get to keep the parts?:eek: or do they throw it out

01-21-2002, 11:22 AM
DSMs make excelent toys to play with but I only recommend them as a second car because they break all the time and if you mod them they break even more... but they are fun when working well.

01-21-2002, 12:30 PM
In my experience (not personal, but friends....) the cars are a little on the fragile side. Yes, they hook well (duh! - AWD) but always loose in 3rd gear to lesser HP cars with 2 driving wheels. If you want big HP increases it's better to swap the head to the 1st-Gen type off older talons. For reliablility, get a 16G turbo upgrade, intercooler, piping, full exhaust, bump up the fuel and 300+HP is easily attained, just make sure the clutch is up to spec too. If I were you, get the Talon and bolt on Eclipse bumpers and tail light assembly (a lot cheaper and in the long run easier to maintain then an old Mitsu here in Canada). I'd still stick with a bimmer though... better resale value and quality/$$$ overall. Magnus Motorsports in Concord are experts on DSM cars and Marco can lead you in the right direction if you're looking at a used one. Good Luck!