View Full Version : Chrysler Neon trys it on!!!!

01-20-2002, 01:06 PM
I was on my way home from doing a little shopping and on the way home it's all roundaboust(circles)and then straights.

So I'm going round one of these roundabouts and I see some guy on the outside of me in a Chrysler Neon. So as we come off the roundabout I'm in 2nd and just start to accelerate and he does the same so I put my foot down a little more so this guys just guns it (well I think he did cos the front lifted but he didn't really go any where LOL)so I did too I was at about 4k rpm and just totally smoked his ass like he'd just stuck it in reverse

So I slow for the next one and he come up on me again trys to take me on the outside and floors it off the roundabout again, well I ain't having none of it so I floor I and smoke his ass again just as bad as before.

So I'm way in front now slowing for the next one and I can see him coming up fast and he's going to try and give me a fly-by, hit the roundabout way to quick for the grip of his car, tyres sqealing, and this time I slowed right down and had it in 1st. He ain't never gonna hang with me in the bends so I floor it the back starts to drift on me cos I'm going round this roundabout, I steer into it and I got a nice controlled slide going on it was perfect rally style, straighten it up as I come off the roundabout hit the rev limiter into 2nd, chirp the tyres, and I'm gone smoked his ass worse than ever and I'm outa there LOL.

He decided to hang back after that maybe he didn't see the M3 on the back or he just thought his much newer car was more that a match for mine, maybe he will think twice next time.

01-20-2002, 01:16 PM
It was funny he was SOOOOO pissed as I went*wave* for the thrid time :D

I got another one for ya

E30 M3 vs E30 325i Sport

I had just pick my mate up and we was on a way out.

As I pulled out off the slipway on to the main dual carridgeway , I got stuck behind a slower car and couldn't move to the outside lane as there was a car coming up quite fast in that lane. I waited till he passed so i could pull out.

It was a 325is, So i though we would have a play to see what he's got

As I got behind him I could see that he wasn't running a standard exhaust.
He must have know what car I was as he pasted me only seconds ago.
He stuck his foot down so i knew it was on!

We started to accelerate from about 75 mph I stuck with him and could reel him in quite easy ,especially in 5th gear, A gap in the traffic appeared and he pulled over so I floored her as I wasn't using full throttle all the time to keep up with him, and blew past him no worries at about 130 mph by this point.

So I slowed now to give him another try, dropped her to 4th and floored it,he stuck with me for a few seconds ,but then I started to pull away, easy kill.

But then it should be as the M3 has better bhp is lighter and better aerodynamics, but it was fun all the same.

His turning came up all to fast, he flashed his lights and I flashed my hazzards, it cool when there like that, and don't get all upset cos they got beat

01-20-2002, 01:28 PM
I've had so many races I 've lost count, I even had some guys at work think that could take me even though the more power full of the two cars was about 100 bhp down on mineLOL.
I let off after about 20 lengths :D :D :D :D
They changed there minds by the time we got back.
I opend a 600 pack off whoop ass on both off them, and I gave them stick about it all afternoon LOL

01-20-2002, 01:37 PM
One a car was a 1.3L, 75 bhp and the other was a 1.6L 16V .
105 bhp, it was so funny they was just fading in my mirror:)
They was no way they were going to bet me, but they kept on and on , so I decided to show them LOL.

01-21-2002, 12:12 AM
Sweet, excellent kills, I bet that neon guy wont race an E30 M3 ever again, and remembers the ///M3 Badge!

01-21-2002, 06:21 PM
Bless him :D he was trying so hard to keep up LOL, but on the last roundabout I thought he was going to understeer off the road LOL